Whistleblower reporting office

Natural persons who have obtained information about violations in connection with their professional activities (whistleblowers) can submit information about violations to the competent reporting offices (either internal or external reporting office). The information can be submitted in text form using a reporting form or by telephone or, if desired, in a personal meeting.

Within seven days, non-anonymous whistleblowers will receive confirmation of receipt of the report and, after a further three months at the latest, feedback on the measures taken. Possible information on violations includes reasonable grounds for suspicion or knowledge of actual or potential violations that have already been committed or are very likely to be committed at the employer where the whistleblower works or worked, or at another body with which the whistleblower is or was in contact due to their professional activity, as well as attempts to conceal such violations.

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) grants whistleblowers protection against disadvantages that could threaten them as a result of reporting violations.

You can submit information via the following communication channels:


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